The Ways of This World

The ways of this world. The western world. Out of harmony with nature. Overcome by strife.

Fear? Should we fear?

No point complaining about diseases of the mind, if you choose to live in the head.

The Great Reset. I came across this recently online. The ways of the world. Is all I can say.

Covid vaccines? (I sense an abyss, a blackhole with the mention of this word).

Of course! Over population issues (?) If there truly is, then…

The ways of this world.

Yes, this is what happens when you live out of harmony with the earth.

Wake up. Don’t finger point. Own your own ways. Recognize your ways. We know deep down it is wrong.

What is wrong?

Living fueled by fear, greed, lust, revenge etc.

They’ do this to us (voice of doubt speaks). They make us live this way. “They”… ie beings feeding off of our fear, apparently…possibly.


Fear generates energy, negative energy, but energy all the same (a voice of reason speaks).

Why would they do this?

Because the sun is off limits to them. They live in the dark…the deep dark sub terrains.

Poor beings, cut off from the life source of nourishment. Why? Why are they there?

Hidden, cannot show their faces…shunned. Not native to this planet (!?) Needing to fend for themselves, desperate to survive.

‘Jealous’ of the God beings…the hu mans?

The humans have that spark of life, that God spark breathed into them at the beginning of time.

Who are WE then? They ask. Are we not also a part of God?

Tangled in torment, frustration, and greed. So tangled and dense, no light can enter.

Sad. Why are they there?

Don’t tempt us (they say). They are sad, yet very angry (!?)

‘Are’ they angry, or do they just like living this way?

Completely self pleasing…self-sufficient.

We don’t need Hym! We can get by on our own! (they defy)


Don’t tempt us (they warn)

Where together in this, we are not separate. Don’t separate yourselves! (voice of reason)

Automaton…. this thing, this darkness, this strife. A machine with a mind of it’s own, set in motion by persistent fears and struggles, doubts and rage, built-up over millennia, over eons. You see, it cannot be destroyed, it can only be abandoned.

Abandon ship! They could say, but who will catch them? Fear keeps them stuck on the boat.

“No one will catch us” (they weep). So up go to the defenses once again, and the machine goes on.

What will wake them up?

Wake them up from what?

To see, that ‘we’ cause life to be. We cause things to be…to seem one way or another.

‘We’ dream this dream, ‘we’ cause it to be.

Wake up.


Please note: My writing is based on my own research, creative contemplation, and intuitive reasoning. Although I may at times write with a certain conviction, I do not claim to know or present fact, or truth.

Thanks for reading!


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