Our Place in The Universe

We don’t want to be subordinate to ‘another’.

I have one of those “popcorn” ceilings out of which many images seem to appear. I made out an image this morning which made me think of the statement above…

A heavenly guard – or angel – sitting at the top of a pinnacle…and a ‘lesser ordained’ figure situated beneath it.

An example of a “popcorn” ceiling.

I pondered the meaning and saw it as a depiction of a heavenly hierarchy. I soon became aware of a spirit of rebellion who wants no part of it.

Not gracefully accepting our place in creation…is the problem!?

I thought…‘realized’… we (the part of us which rebels against authority) don’t want to be ‘subordinate’. And so, there is rebellion. (As above…so below). The War in Heaven plays itself out down here on earth through us.

But, then, I realized…in creation there is “greater” and “lesser” beings….only for the sake of order and interaction. But, ultimately, we are all “God stuff”. We ‘are’ the base stuff that all creation is made out of. So, for the sake of us experiencing creation harmoniously, we need to allow natural order without having our egos bruised for it. We allow our ‘God’s‘ creation to exist as it needs to, while not placing value judgement on any part of it…great or small.

No value judgment… no bruised ego’s…. just enlightened acceptance of creation, as is.

“Why should I be subordinate?” A spirit of rebellion might think. This is like God’s arm saying…”Why should I be an arm? I should be the head!”

“Who gets to be the head?”

The cells which make up the body…

The cells which make up the arm…

The cells which make up the head.

“Why did ‘those’ cells get to make up the head?” Wondered the cells which make up the arm. Aren’t all parts of the body equally important?

Can a head exist without an arm? A head is only a head because it is on a body. Without a body, what is a head?

…Too much thought. Where were we? Yes, the problem of the “lesser”…

Order of ‘things’.

Accepting your place in creation.

Spirit of rebellion.

Letting yourself be all it can be.

Letting God be all It can be.

Letting Creation be what it is. (Does this mean ‘letting’ the strife be?)

Letting it all come to terms with Itself.

Letting enlightenment of being unravel itself.

Waiting for that one moment of ecstasy when all reveals itself… When understanding…love…and compassion prevail.

Is this our goal?

Ecstatic Joy of Remembrance


Will we get to that, or, will some (souls) remain in darkness/ignorance?

Is this what drives the universe on? This need for (Holy rapture) when all are purified by fire? Will all be made even, or, will some remain with holes, or ‘lack’ in some way? God knows.

Will they? ‘Will’ some remain with lack? Lack of understanding/Lack of ‘realizing’? Will darkness remain like residue for some?


Shifting sands of enlightenment.

Can the ‘enlightened’ be once again made unenlightened, and vice versa? Can this diary entry ever end?

I’m chasing, and eating my tail.

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As I end this diary entry on feelings of doubt, confusion, and vulnerability, I suddenly get the impression of a bison/buffalo which instills in me a grounding sense of strength and endurance. Thanks buffalo.









(Main image: painting by William Blake)


A Voice of Reason and a Spirit of Evil: (a soul communication)

[Please note: The following is based on my own intuitive insights and investigations. I make no claim to know or present “fact” or “truth”. Please read at your own discretion.]

A diary entry contemplating fear, evil, and our Earthly predicament, turned into a (possible) soul communication between a voice of reason and, a spirit of evil…

Joy of forgiving; no longer needing to hold onto the ‘reason’…the ‘strife’. No longer needing to hold onto…or…finally able to forgive self… through compassion?

“Strife is fun!” (a voice says).  Living in the creation ‘we’ created – playing too long in it – forgetting where we come from, or really belong… Where do I/we really belong? (In the heart of my mother’s bosom?)… Where do we really belong? …Right here: where we have always been (?!)

Is there really disharmony in the universe ‘because’ of us?

Is there really disharmony in the universe because of us?

There is strife and unrest.

Is this strife and unrest ‘bad’ or ’wrong’?

Nothing is wrong. Everything is right as it should be…considering all it has been.

Everything Is Everything It Is. Everything Is what It Is…’is’ … ‘si’  (‘Yes’)… Everything is valid…validated.

Many eyes looking…what are they seeing?

Image source

What is ‘evil’?


Desire for what?


Revenge for what?

For the mistaken belief that we separated ourselves from our God. The fear of the unknown – unknowable

What unknown?

The unknown within – deep within

Within what?

Your heart, mind and soul

What is my heart, mind, and soul?

God – portion of God – the pro-claimer of your speech – the (magicians) mustard – the life force remedy

What is life force?

(The unbearable lightness of being)


Cannot be stopped…

Infinity… (voice now being sucked through a vacuum…trailing…echoing…)

(a DEFIANT SPIRIT OF EVIL resumes ‘conversation’…)

Not ‘knowing’…not having the upper hand on this ‘LIFE’ – drives us INSANE. We must know…we must be ‘God’…we must rule. Those fools who proclaim to have a God we cannot see – we are the ones who must … who must …. (voice trails off)

…We have no one else to rely upon. Why should we believe in a God who does not come down to us – who lets us live in this strife – who allows it to be this way? Do you see my dilemma?

William Blake Los Symbol of Poetic Genius Consumed by Flames
Art of William Blake


You have no faith in something you cannot see. You have no faith in something which allows the world to be as it is…you have no patience for those in the waiting…

…Your creation is a machine with a mind of its own…Your creation of tit-for-tat. Your creation…

‘My’ creation!? ‘God’ created this! (spoken vilely)

You are God.


You are God… God’s microcosm. You are an infinitely small GIANT – You are a one subdivided WHOLEYou created your reality. Yes, You.

(self questioning now)Why was I so blind?

Blinded by unknowing.

Why didn’t I know? …(getting agitated again)

You forgot.

Why did I forget?

You chose a direction which took you furthest away from the point of your being (soul)… sol.

Why did I do that?

Because you could – you took a chance – you went out to play with the creation you had made – and now, the creation has you captive.

Is that really such a ‘bad’ thing?

It depletes your soul – weakens your connection to your sol. And now you are stuck in PATTERNS OF REPEAT (like OCD)   Weak…Fearful…Afraid.

What will it take to get out of this (mess) state?

Being unafraid – Let yourself ‘play’ in this light – as dark as it seems – let yourself experience ALL it has to offer you – knowing it is a creation of your soul – something you are ‘imagining’ is happening…all the while knowing from where you come and to where you will return.  ‘Where’?  Infinite Love and Awareness. Unafraid…you will unraveluncoil yourself from this “game” of your awareness…and return once again to infinite state of your being. Just Being…bathed in the warm light of knowing – understanding exactly That Which You Are.

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