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The Snare of Creation

There is such sweetness to be savoured in the world; yet, we remain here bound by stuckOnCreationLOWstrife;  failing to recognize the immense ‘gift’ we have: to experience the wondrous and beautiful creation.

We were meant to be able to come in and out of incarnation – at will – for the purpose of experiencing the beauty of the creation we…our core beings…had made. Yet, we became entrapped in it…’snared’ by it…consumed completely by the ‘Laws’ of it. Now ‘stuck’ in it, we tend to focus on the burden of it, not really realizing there ‘is’ a way out of it. ‘How’? By, following the example…‘The Way’…set for us by Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Take away all the religious associations, and see solely the Man…the ‘Spirit Made Flesh’; and hear Him…seek to know Him…for He is The “Pattern”*…The Way-showerwho came to be an example…to show us how to escape the physical Laws of cause and effect which keep us bound in cycles of karma.  The story of ’Turning the other cheek’ when someone hits you, was not about being ‘nice’ or ‘good’, it was practical advice about how to neutralize this karmic response…the natural ‘eye for an eye’ response. Consciously choosing not to hit the person back, but rather, defying the spirit of strife–halting it in tracks–’turning the other cheek’, and, stopping this automatic response. Suddenly you can become a “conscious dweller” knowing ‘how’ you become stuck in the ‘Tit-for-tat’ law of nature; soon realizing you don’t have to be part of it. [*See readings of Edgar Cayce]

Rather than the physical laws ruling you, suddenly, like J.C, you start to become the ruler of it.  Remember what Jesus said….’Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me. If not, believe because of the things I do. I am telling you the truth: whoever believes in me will do what I do—yes, he will do even greater things’….. [John 14 11-12]

Don’t just take ‘my’ word for it!

Disclaimer: Please note that what I write is based on my own research; creative contemplation’s; and, intuitive level of understanding. While I seem to write with a certain conviction, I do not claim to know or present “fact” or “truth”.


Shift the strife and ‘raise your vibration’

Strife, it seems, is inevitable. Perhaps the only way to overcome it is to accept it is there…in us. We perpetuate it; we are burdened by it; we disown it in ourselves…(who wants to be the ‘villain’ anyway?!) I, personally, am coming to terms with it within myself. The constant ‘fear led’ angry reactions – which keep me bound in cycles of fear; anger; guilt; and regret – only lead to self-imposed imprisonment, where I/we deny any ‘good’ things coming our way – we don’t deserve them after all!

I am beginning to see a way ‘out’ of this cycle. Through unconditional love and acceptance of all things just as they are. No, I don’t mean being complacent; I mean, judging not; and, purely by accepting that it is this way for a reason; and, we are caught in a cause and effect experience…a ‘tit-for-tat’ automatic responsive  experience.

Now, when strife arises, I am beginning to stop myself in my tracks, and simply ‘notice’ where I am feeling it in my body, or, ’field of awareness’. I notice it feels low and heavy; I notice where it ‘wants to take me’ – to an angry outburst. Well, I have news for it! I am choosing a new way. By deciding not to ‘react’, and instead, raising my awareness, on purpose, to the area just above my head; the area where my thoughts are ‘closer to God’.

(My voice of reason speaking to me this morning)…

Moving forward in Love is…(might be)…the only way out; out of the strife; the ‘snare’ of the strife.

Acceptance of the strife is the necessary ingredient in relinquishing it (?!) Or…

Acceptance that there ‘is’ strife, is the key! (Yes! That feels better).

Knowing there ‘is’ strife, and understanding that it ‘will’ occasionally pop up; but, when it does, recognizing it for what it is, and shutting down the automatic responses in favour of an all-embracing loving ‘awareness’ of it. Not judging it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’…it ‘is’ what it ‘is’…nothing more, nothing less.

This attitude/response to strife will change the vibrational frequency of your being, giving you a lightness where your heart soon opens up and begins spreading out in all directions – where once you would retract into a hardened ball of fear.  This spreading out of your heart ‘wings’ will begin to affect others, who may once have only known one response to strife…that of judging; blame; anger; and shrinking fear.  As more bodies pick up this new (‘rediscovered’) frequency (“vibe”), a greater illumination/’lightness’ of being will being to occur.

Practice this! ‘Expect’ to “fall off the bike” every now and then while learning this new ‘thing’, but, get back on the bike, as would a child, and learn how to ride it.

When strife is overtaking you, try this simple exercise…

  1. Acknowledge the feeling, without judging it or yourself; understanding that there is a reason for it. E.g. “Ok, I am feeling anger right now”.
  2. Accept that strife ‘does’ exist, but, I can now ‘choose’ how to respond to it.
  3. Notice ‘where’ in your body, or awareness, you are feeling this. E.g. a trembling gut; quivering hands; pulsing veins; etc.
  4. Now, rather than letting yourself fall into the “same old trap” of strife/anger reactions, simply ‘decide’ not to, and draw your awareness upwards…towards ‘God’…physically standing up straight with your face, and mind, looking ‘up’. This immediately ‘lightens’ you, causing your mind to begin vibrating at the level of crown chakra – a place where God can more easily reach you, because you are choosing to meet Him there.

Sound too simple? Perhaps “raising our vibration/awareness/frequency” is simply a matter of choosing to.

Closing thought:

The strife you can forgive in others is the strife you are willing to forgive in yourself.

Re: ‘Lessons to Self’

Everything I write comes from my own voice of reason, speaking to me, telling me ‘how it is’. I share this, not because I claim it as any type of “truth”, but, because, as it helps ‘me’ through my own trials, maybe it can help someone else too.



‘Sad Miserable Case’

A ‘voice of reason’ giving a hard word to self this morning:

If you are trying to drag God down to your level with your wallowing and whining, think again.

‘Woe is me!’… (You might say)…

‘If God exists, why isn’t he down here with me’?!

Have your hissy fit…

Let off your steam…

God will watch you…waiting…with gentle amusement; wondering when you will ‘stand up straight’ and decide to finally approach Him.

As you decide to move closer to God, your resonant field will begin to match His, and He will become bigger – a ‘growing field of Awareness’. And soon, more’ will be drawn into this field…if they have but a mustard seed of faith, of ‘awareness’ of the: God within.

Number one represents the “sad, sorry case” we can be.

Expanding Heart – Frequency Of Love

Morning insight: October 28 2017

When you are just about to burst into a negative reaction over what someone else is doing –stop just for a moment –and think about all the times you have done that very same thing.

It’s time to set aside the strife and step into a higher frequency.

The frequency of the heart –love –sends out its messages regardless of what it encounters. Could you do that? Could you open up your heart center and let it expand in all directions –when you feel tempted to judge; condemn; or close up in fear?  That’s the challenge – will we accept it?

PS it’s not about rejecting any part of ourselves, but integrating it into a whole – allowing awareness of all – allowing love and forgiveness to melt it all into a coherent whole – and moving into a resonance of love –expanding –joyful –overcoming –‘love’.  Love seeks all.

Heart Awareness

Melt Strife With Awareness

Bad Memories

As a snake sheds its skin sometimes the old skin can stick around annoyingly before it finally drops off, freeing the snake to go slithering around happily once again. I am not comparing us to snakes but find it a fitting analogy as to how our past hurts/memories can stick around us, making our road to enlightenment seem, at times, impossible. [Memories can also work the other way around, by keeping us trapped in joyful aspects of our pasts; the snare works both ways.]

Contemplation of my own “bad” memories inspired a communication between a ‘voice of reason’ and a ‘spirit of strife’…


While ‘memories’ might be dealt with, as suggested above, what about ‘current issues’ – or, our reactions to these current issues – which create our ‘future memories’?

Realizing how a spirit of strife, relating to a certain unresolved situation, keeps interfering with my own spiritual growth, I asked myself the following question:

How do I release myself from this strife…how do I release myself?

(Intuitive / ‘voice of reason’ response)…

By stopping the ‘reactions’.

Trapped in strife reactions – like trapped in a machine with no ‘stop’ button in sight – trapped in regret and fear – not knowing ‘how’ it will play out – fearing the worst. The burden of heartache for having gotten into this situation in the first place; grief for the loss of innocence – the open wound which will not heal, coz I keep ripping off the skin.


Such sadness – such regret – such a snowballing effect – collecting more and more grief as it goes on – ‘STOP’ – melt this ball in the warm light of Awareness

See no evil.

Hear no evil.

(then).. Speak no evil.

Forgive yourself (myself)

Forgive ‘him’/’her’/’them’…’me’

‘For’the mercy I show others, is the mercy I shall receive.



(Closing thought):

Awareness that you are trapped in this vicious cycle is the first step to releasing it. Understanding  the triggers and ‘seeing’ that it is an automatic pattern of repeat…same thing happening over and over again…UNTIL, the driver ‘wakes up’ and notices he (or she) is travelling in a direction he doesn’t really want to go, and chooses a different one.



A Voice of Reason and a Spirit of Evil: (a soul communication)

[Please note: The following is based on my own intuitive insights and investigations. I make no claim to know or present “fact” or “truth”. Please read at your own discretion.]

A diary entry contemplating fear, evil, and our Earthly predicament, turned into a (possible) soul communication between a voice of reason and, a spirit of evil…

Joy of forgiving; no longer needing to hold onto the ‘reason’…the ‘strife’. No longer needing to hold onto…or…finally able to forgive self… through compassion?

“Strife is fun!” (a voice says).  Living in the creation ‘we’ created – playing too long in it – forgetting where we come from, or really belong… Where do I/we really belong? (In the heart of my mother’s bosom?)… Where do we really belong? …Right here: where we have always been (?!)

Is there really disharmony in the universe ‘because’ of us?

Is there really disharmony in the universe because of us?

There is strife and unrest.

Is this strife and unrest ‘bad’ or ’wrong’?

Nothing is wrong. Everything is right as it should be…considering all it has been.

Everything Is Everything It Is. Everything Is what It Is…’is’ … ‘si’  (‘Yes’)… Everything is valid…validated.

Many eyes looking…what are they seeing?

Image source

What is ‘evil’?


Desire for what?


Revenge for what?

For the mistaken belief that we separated ourselves from our God. The fear of the unknown – unknowable

What unknown?

The unknown within – deep within

Within what?

Your heart, mind and soul

What is my heart, mind, and soul?

God – portion of God – the pro-claimer of your speech – the (magicians) mustard – the life force remedy

What is life force?

(The unbearable lightness of being)


Cannot be stopped…

Infinity… (voice now being sucked through a vacuum…trailing…echoing…)

(a DEFIANT SPIRIT OF EVIL resumes ‘conversation’…)

Not ‘knowing’…not having the upper hand on this ‘LIFE’ – drives us INSANE. We must know…we must be ‘God’…we must rule. Those fools who proclaim to have a God we cannot see – we are the ones who must … who must …. (voice trails off)

…We have no one else to rely upon. Why should we believe in a God who does not come down to us – who lets us live in this strife – who allows it to be this way? Do you see my dilemma?

William Blake Los Symbol of Poetic Genius Consumed by Flames
Art of William Blake


You have no faith in something you cannot see. You have no faith in something which allows the world to be as it is…you have no patience for those in the waiting…

…Your creation is a machine with a mind of its own…Your creation of tit-for-tat. Your creation…

‘My’ creation!? ‘God’ created this! (spoken vilely)

You are God.


You are God… God’s microcosm. You are an infinitely small GIANT – You are a one subdivided WHOLEYou created your reality. Yes, You.

(self questioning now)Why was I so blind?

Blinded by unknowing.

Why didn’t I know? …(getting agitated again)

You forgot.

Why did I forget?

You chose a direction which took you furthest away from the point of your being (soul)… sol.

Why did I do that?

Because you could – you took a chance – you went out to play with the creation you had made – and now, the creation has you captive.

Is that really such a ‘bad’ thing?

It depletes your soul – weakens your connection to your sol. And now you are stuck in PATTERNS OF REPEAT (like OCD)   Weak…Fearful…Afraid.

What will it take to get out of this (mess) state?

Being unafraid – Let yourself ‘play’ in this light – as dark as it seems – let yourself experience ALL it has to offer you – knowing it is a creation of your soul – something you are ‘imagining’ is happening…all the while knowing from where you come and to where you will return.  ‘Where’?  Infinite Love and Awareness. Unafraid…you will unraveluncoil yourself from this “game” of your awareness…and return once again to infinite state of your being. Just Being…bathed in the warm light of knowing – understanding exactly That Which You Are.

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