Ever-Changing Morphic Wonder of Dreams

[A contemplation of our souls as individual rays of the sun; light beams which have entered earthly matter and have come to know themselves to only be earthly matter. Thinking about how we must shed the anger, the fear, the pain, the hatred/ill feelings towards others, if we wish to SAVE our selves, led me to thinking about our ‘soul’, what it is, and why it is the way it is…..]

Spectacular rays of the sun.

Light infiltrates all the things of creation.

Light (descended) into matter – into bodies – and came to know itself as the body. When the body died, the light thought that it was still the body, and retained the shape/memory of the body.

The streaming ray of light became a distorted version of its original self. It does not know itself to be that which it is.

Which is?

I can only imagine and speculate, I guess.

I am only that which I imagine myself to be at any given time.

Imagine… Imagine… Imagine.

What else can life do, but imagine that which it is.

Which is? (I sense a loop forming)

Playtime in God’s Universe.

Laughter and joy – like the Buddha – is what happens when you realise what you are, and what life is all about… An ever-changing morphic wonder of dreams. (!?!).








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