Caught in The Shadows of Creation.

[All this talk about “darkness”…and “evil”… and “them” who are doing bad things to “us”. Trying to understand what the ‘darkness’ really is….]

The darkness

I had a vision after contemplating what “the darkness” is …a pink, light filled ‘cloud like’ heart, with a golden patch of light on the right side, and a dark shadowy patch on the left.

(A creative contemplation turned into an abstract conversation of sorts with ‘the darkness’, and reason)….

The darkness is ‘wrong’?  What is the darkness? A space with no ‘thought’ … (no thought meaning no ‘light’). No thought, just feeling-fuelled ‘tension’

‘Unawakened self’ ?

The darkness is just ‘space’… a vacuum where no light escapes!? Darkness swallows up light… is hungry for the light. The light gets sucked into the darkness, until the darkness has sucked in all the light and ‘becomes’ light!? (Only if it integrates the light. If not, duality of forces occurs!?)

‘Integrate’… ‘Can’ they integrate?

What ‘is’ the light? The thoughts of God!?

What ‘is’ the dark? The spaces of God’s mind not thinking, but rather, experiencing itself as not the light, then making up scenarios for ‘why’ it is not the light?

It has judged itself? Regardless of what it thinks of itself, what really ‘is’ the dark?

The unoccupied spaces of mind?

Doesn’t thought (the “Big Bang”) burst out to fill ‘all’ spaces?

Forms of created matter cause surfaces for reflection of light. Shadows are formed from light hitting surfaces and bouncing off. Beyond these forms shadows are caused, where the aspects of self – who judge themselves lesser than the light – can hide and retreat.

Q. Why do they want to hide and retreat?

Because they see themselves as ‘lesser than’.

Can’t they simply see themselves for what they are? Can’t they ‘see’ how it has formed, and how/why they have come to see themselves that way; then release themselves from the need to judge themselves, or feel judged?

“They”…. who, or what are “they”?

They are our own selves/self/ aspects of Awareness… of ‘God’ seeing Itself as ‘different’ from the brilliant glory of the light. They thought themselves ‘different’… “They” being parts of God’s Own Awareness, Who/Which found Itself caught in the shadows of creation.


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