During End Time Speculations, What ‘Truly’ Matters?

Amidst the chaos, confusion, and speculation of End Time prophecies, what truly matters? I wondered this as anxiety about what will become of me/us ‘if’ time is at an end…..

Where my conscience is at!

Will it be a “good day to die”? Every day should be a good day to die. My conscience should be in a place where no fear or niggling doubt could harm me. No ‘thing’ should cause unrest in my mind. I should know, with certainty, where I stand with God… with the whole scheme of things.

Why does it matter?

If my experience in the afterlife is influenced–or based on–the level where my mind is at at my point of death, then, I would want to make sure I am in some way at peace with myself.

I think again of the saying about the mustard seed. If I had but a tiny, minuscule size amount of faith (the size of a mustard seed), I’ll be okay.

Faith in what?

Faith in knowing that there is a Great Being in control of the whole thing of life, and that that Being wants all the best for me/for us… perhaps for ‘Itself. And if I were to believe this, to any greater or lesser degree, then, regardless of how things seem, or how things might become, I WILL BE OK.

Even if I feel I am wretched, the Great One truly knows me more than I know myself, and knows that I am only a little light that lost its way….A little light that took fright at the reflection of its own self…A little light, battered, bruised, and hardened against the elements; became gnarled and tormented…became ‘wretched’; all because it was terrified.

And, on me, the Great Being will have Mercy. The Great Love of the Great Being will draw me back in to Itself; and once again, I will be safe, I will be home.

So, do we need to fear being ‘left behind’, or ending up in hell? Not if we have a mustard seed of faith, we don’t.

Although I may be wretched, God, I know that You know me more than I know myself. And, it is You I will trust. In love for ever more.







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