Melt Strife With Awareness

Bad Memories

As a snake sheds its skin sometimes the old skin can stick around annoyingly before it finally drops off, freeing the snake to go slithering around happily once again. I am not comparing us to snakes but find it a fitting analogy as to how our past hurts/memories can stick around us, making our road to enlightenment seem, at times, impossible. [Memories can also work the other way around, by keeping us trapped in joyful aspects of our pasts; the snare works both ways.]

Contemplation of my own “bad” memories inspired a communication between a ‘voice of reason’ and a ‘spirit of strife’…


While ‘memories’ might be dealt with, as suggested above, what about ‘current issues’ – or, our reactions to these current issues – which create our ‘future memories’?

Realizing how a spirit of strife, relating to a certain unresolved situation, keeps interfering with my own spiritual growth, I asked myself the following question:

How do I release myself from this strife…how do I release myself?

(Intuitive / ‘voice of reason’ response)…

By stopping the ‘reactions’.

Trapped in strife reactions – like trapped in a machine with no ‘stop’ button in sight – trapped in regret and fear – not knowing ‘how’ it will play out – fearing the worst. The burden of heartache for having gotten into this situation in the first place; grief for the loss of innocence – the open wound which will not heal, coz I keep ripping off the skin.


Such sadness – such regret – such a snowballing effect – collecting more and more grief as it goes on – ‘STOP’ – melt this ball in the warm light of Awareness

See no evil.

Hear no evil.

(then).. Speak no evil.

Forgive yourself (myself)

Forgive ‘him’/’her’/’them’…’me’

‘For’the mercy I show others, is the mercy I shall receive.



(Closing thought):

Awareness that you are trapped in this vicious cycle is the first step to releasing it. Understanding  the triggers and ‘seeing’ that it is an automatic pattern of repeat…same thing happening over and over again…UNTIL, the driver ‘wakes up’ and notices he (or she) is travelling in a direction he doesn’t really want to go, and chooses a different one.




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