The Light That Lost It’s Way



Sol Ray. Rays of light passing through objects/things.

Light tangled up in matter – slowed down – distorted.

Light lost its way.


Sunspots are missing parts of the sun, trapped in earthly matter (!?)

Consciousness trapped in the blazing glory of the sun. The sun is Lucifer (?) The brightest of bright who pulled all the lesser brilliant ones into its cast.


A body of greater mass with greater gravitational pull draws in bodies of lesser mass. You see this naturally occurring in soap bubbles strewn on the kitchen sink whilst washing dishes.depositphotos_174300582-stock-video-metamorphosis-of-big-soap-bubbles.jpg

‘Evil’… ‘wrong’… ‘bad’, or natural occurrences of a physical universe? But, the blah blah mess of drama keeps the entanglement in throw.

Unwillingness to forgive – or be forgiven – is the problem. “Problem“… is there really a problem, or, just a circumstance – a result of all prior thoughts and actions?

A problem is something that needs to be ‘fixed’. Do we need to be “fixed”? Can’t we be ignorant for a small eon or two – because, God knows, we got eternity to work it out anyway (!?) (Eeek! Imagine knowing we/life are eternal. Could we really live with that? Dark patches in experience are probably most necessary for sanity’s sake).

he he he

hoo hoo hoo

Wakka Wakka!








And the beat goes on!



Affirmation For Rapture/Ascension


I had this exhilarating realization one recent morning while making my bed and stricken with fear and uncertainty about end of the world prophecies; natural disasters; terrible news events all going on in the world, and feeling helpless and vulnerable to all of it. In the midst of this fear I suddenly decided to not see it as a scary thing happening ‘to’ us (which keeps us bound in fear), but rather, to see it neither as “good” nor ‘bad’/”evil”, but simply as an expression of ALL THAT IS. 

As a result of this insight, I came up with the above affirmation which, if needed, could be used as an strengthening affirmation (in the event of an ascension/rapture process...’if ‘one were to occur)!